Is lasik worth getting?

It somehow depends on how frustrated the person is with his/her current vision correction options. Everybody should weigh the cost/risk/benefit for himself/herself. Just remember that not every Rx is doable in laser eye surgery. Doctors usually warn people not to automatically assume they're candidates to such kind of surgery. Some of the requirements for laser vision correction surgery are: being over 18 years of age, healthy corneas, no significant changes in the lens prescription in the last year, women shouldn't be pregnant or breastfeeding, general good health.

Here are some of the most popular NYC laser eye surgery centers: contact one of them to get all the info you need.

Costs depend on the condition of the patient's cornea. Generally such a surgery can cost up to $2000 per eye or more, everything depends on the condition of the cornea. An ophthalmologist (better if with good reputation) could provide a direct quote.